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Program Overview: Youth Field Hockey

The Mockingbird Valley Field Hockey program strives to develop youth field hockey players by providing a fun, safe, and productive training environment where players will build confidence, learn the importance of teamwork, and have fun while practicing the fundamental, technical, and tactical skills of the game of field hockey. The goal of our coaching staff, by providing this type of environment, is not only to motivate players to grow and develop their talent, but also to increase their passion for the game by giving them an exciting experience.

What We Provide
The Mockingbird Valley Field Hockey Youth Program provides a place for youth field hockey players of all skill levels to develop and improve on their basic field hockey skills.  
Our Field Hockey Program provides a state of the art indoor facility with an astro turf playing surface. Astro turf is the elite playing surface for the sport of field hockey and is smooth and extremely fast.  Practicing and playing at Mockingbird Valley will enable young players to develop and improve their skills on the same surface used by Olympic, NCAA Division I, and elite programs across the nation.

The Mockingbird Valley Field Hockey program will also provide youth field hockey players with coaching and instruction from an elite coaching staff, led by Ashley Gillenwater and will include other players from the Division I and club levels.

The main goal of our program is to
have FUN while learning the sport of field hockey!

The MVSC Field Hockey Program is a great way to introduce young girls to the sport. Our coaches focus on teaching and developing the basic skills – dribbling, passing, receiving, goal scoring, and defending. These 5 skills are the building blocks to the game and are the foundation of the MVSC Field Hockey Program. Each age group has a curriculum specifically designed to teach players the skills that are age appropriate.

Throughout the entire program, but especially during the first two sessions, we put a large emphasis on learning the rules, safety, and positions. Through our coaching experience, we have discovered that many girls who are new to the sport, or who have played for 2 years or less, often lack basic knowledge and understanding of safety, rules, and positions. As coaches, we want players to leave our program with a more complete understanding of the rules so they are able to feel confident while playing.

The Development Program will begin by teaching dribbling, passing, and receiving skills through various drills, competitions, and game-like settings. When the coaches believe the players fully understand and feel confident with their new skills, we will move onto more complex aspects of the game – goal scoring and defending.  

Field Hockey Development Programs will focus on the following aspects throughout each session:

·      Loose right hand
·      Ball / field visibility
·      Ball position – away from feet
·      Loose / tight dribble – when they are used
·      Protecting the ball
·      Using your “strong” side as much as possible


  ·      Hand position on stick
·      Footwork – balance 
·      Hand position on stick
·      Transfer of weight
·      Spreading out – field vision 
·      Mobility – pass a moving ball 
·      Ball position off foot

·      Quick feet
·      Shoot quickly – push, hit, flick
·      Hit towards opposite side of goal
·      Be prepared - field hockey position
·      Low and strong base
·      Be determined to score
·      Practice, practice, practice different shots

·      Correct line – right shoulder to right shoulder
·      Tackling distance
·      Footwork – mobility, never square or flat
·      Different grips – always changing
·      Multiple tackles
·      Deciding when to tackle
·      Marking up and being aware of opposing team 

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