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Thank you for taking the time to write the weekly recap emails for the Soccer Sessions.  It really drives home what I've been trying to communicate to our son.  He's passionate about soccer, and can't wait to get to MVSC for every session and game. I played soccer through high school, and realize that individual skill with the ball is the key to excelling in the sport.  It's also great fun to completely tie the defender in knots as you dance around him with the ball!  Thanks for all you and the entire staff at MVSC do for all the kids and for soccer. - Mockingbird Valley Parent


My three year old son has been persevering through some speech and behavior issues that he has therapy weekly for. In just a short amount of time, at just his first soccer practice for the Fall '14 Session, my wife and I saw that smile and exuberance that has been missing for awhile. The coach was fantastic with the kids and very patient with my son. I can't thank you enough for the program that MVSC offers! - Mockingbird Valley Family


Just wanted to say that my daughter is having a blast at your facilty playing soccer. We have been volleyball parents for the last 8 years with our 2 oldest daughters and had very little knowledge about soccer. Our 4 year daughter was determined that she was gonna play soccer so we tried it out for the first time this past Thursday and found out that she was a natural. She is just one month from having Spine surgery with Dr. Moriarty and we are blessed with her speedy recovery and she showed us once and for all that soccer was for her. I have attached pictures from her game today with the 5 year olds. Thanks again, Tony, Tammy, Torre, Treana, Tymber and Jocelyn (Jet)