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From The Spot

Mockingbird Families,

I hope everyone is doing well, I will continue to post resources and videos for all our players and parents to use as a learning tool at home. I am a strong believer that our players need to continue to practice at home every day whether it be simple touches on a ball, juggling or playing different challenge games with their friends. I feel that it is imperative as the baseline of soccer in Louisville that here at Mockingbird Valley we do our utmost to promote the sport in the most effective ways for your children from a young age.

Skills Corner

This is a short YouTube video to put some visual association to some of the moves that have been involved in the homework sheet from a couple of weeks ago. Granted it is all professional players but it is good for young players to recognize the usage of different parts of the foot (outside,inside,sole) and also the usage of both feet in game scenarios.