Party Testimonials

“I just wanted to make sure to tell you how much all the kids, including the birthday boy, enjoyed the soccer party on Saturday morning. You guys are fantastic w/ the kids....several of them didn’t want to leave. I also had several parents tell me how impressed they were w/ the class. And JCC worked out better than I could’ve imagined. Thanks for the recommendation....that is a great solution for kids whose birthdays are in the winter months when there isn’t availability at mockingbird. And thanks again for bringing the tables and were super helpful by doing that. I will definitely suggest mockingbird to all my friends who are looking for fun kid’s birthday parties.
— Mockingbird Valley Parent

“Thank you for the follow-up email. The party was fantastic! I think there were over 30 kids including some extra brothers and sisters that showed up.. Dave and Sean did an outstanding job with such a large group. They actually put in an extra hour before the party even started by playing around with Andrew and his pal, Nate. That was a huge help to us while we set up. I had quite a few parents tell me what a nice facility Mockingbird was and how much they enjoyed the party. Many parents stayed after with their kids to watch the Lightning tryouts for a little while. I am quite sure that every kid in attendance had a great experience yesterday due to Dave and Sean’s soccer party coaching techniques. know Andrew had the best time of all!”
— Mockingbird Valley Parent

“Thanks again for a great party at Mockingbird! My son and all his friends really enjoyed it. You and your staff do a great job! A little story for you... I had a boy (1st grader) that rode to the party with us yesterday. I guess he didn’t know it was a party where soccer would be played, and once he found out... he wasn’t too excited. He hadn’t played soccer before and said, “I don’t know how to play. I don’t know anything about soccer.” Well,... upon arriving it didn’t take long for him to enjoy himself. As soon as he saw the field, he said: “I think I’m going to like soccer!” Then post the party, we were talking about how he wants to play soccer now. So,... you all won over a young player yesterday!”
— MVSC Family