Our 3 yr old son enjoys the practices and it's been what we feel is a crucial and rewarding experience for him. Learning a team structure equipped with coaches is an exciting new experience. We attend on Saturdays and the complex is crowded but there are plenty of coaches and they are super fun and attentive! Don't expect hard lessons in the game at this age, but rather team-building, ball handling, and lots of fun. We will continue the practices each season. - Lisa P.

Truly no better grass roots program than Mockingbird. our son has played year round since the age of two. watching him grow as a player is truly heart warming and quite frankly amazing. their staff-in particular Coach Frank, has a way with children, I truly have never seen.....the kids love him and want to excel for him. his love for the kids though, truly set's him apart. his #1 goal is for the children is to have fun and enjoy themselves and it's very apparent in his coaching. thankful to be part of Mockingbird family and look forward to bringing our daughter through program once she's of age. - Cash H.

My daughter just started in the Mommy & Me 2 year old soccer program here and it has just been perfect for her! Mockingbird offers an awesome entry into playing a sport and learning how to follow directions and make new friends! Great place to start your little one out in something new! The staff who run the program are friendly, fun and make the children feel comfortable and excited about playing! - Lindsey Bickel