Youth Soccer Program Overview

Mockingbird Valley Sports Complex is and has been Louisville’s leader in youth, adult and competitive soccer since 1980. Our Youth Recreational Soccer Program offers different experiences for children spanning from 2 years old through 13 years old.

Ages 2-5

The primary goal of this program is to develop basic motor skills and gain many touches on the ball. Symbolism plays an important role in nearly every practice activity, helping to establish a fun, nurturing atmosphere for the children. All activities include every player, and the coach takes an active role in each game. 

Ages 6-13

The Mockingbird Valley Soccer Club Youth Recreational Program provides a place for youth soccer players of all skill levels to develop and improve on the basic soccer skills.   It is our goal to build confidence and above all, strive to increase youth players passion for the game by creating and an enjoyable learning environment.

Overview by Age

Expand each age below to learn more about each division's focus.

+ Mommy & Me for 2’s Program:

This program encompasses games that are designed to stimulate creativity and that involve children and their parents.

+ 3 Year-Old Program:

As coaches, we want the players to associate a positive experience with playing soccer. We also want to enforce boundaries, and help players understand and follow simple instructions. Finally, we lay the groundwork by establishing a comfort level with the ball at your feet for all players.

+ 4 Year-Old Program:

At 4 years of age, players practice games that are designed to introduce the basics of dribbling, kicking and some goalkeeping as well. Passing and shooting are rarely incorporated in our curriculum for this age. They are introduced to 4 v 4 "real game" at each practice, to understand the game at its most basic stage. Sportsmanship, field boundaries, and directional play are important building blocks for these young stars.

+ 5 Year-Old Program:

After practicing once a week as 4 year-olds, the 5 year-olds now play games on Saturdays. Coaches reinforce proper technique when striking the ball, and we introduce passing, shooting, and shielding at this age. We challenge players with new ball control exercises such as using various surfaces of the foot, teaching step-ups, pendulums (tick-tocks), hopovers. Target games, such as knocking down cones and shooting in various goals are very popular. Some players show a greater understanding of the game itself, and showcase their talents during games on Saturdays.

+ 6 & 7 Year-Old Program:

Coaches begin to focus on spacing on the field and in the game. We introduce the idea of creating space for players by spreading out. To further reinforce the idea of space, topics such as passing and dribbling are addressed. All games are played using half of our indoor soccer field so as to keep the children involved as much as possible and allow for as many touches on the ball as possible.

+ 8 & 9 Year-Old Program:

At this age group, ball mastery and manipulation becomes the focus. Practice time introduces soccer-specific moves on the ball to positively encourage players to be comfortable on the ball and take players on in the attack. Team principals become another topic throughout each session as we strive to reinforce the idea of space by explanation of different positions played on the pitch. Games are played on a full field, causing need for both defending and attacking.

+ 10 & 11 Year-Old Program:

As players become accustomed to the bigger pitch and understand the different positions on a soccer field, topics such as individual and team defending/attacking become prevalent at this age group. In an effort to continue to positively reinforce player creativity, soccer specific individual moves are still part of the focus at this age group as well.

+ 12 & 13 Year-Old Program:

Decision making and becoming a complete player are topics of focus at this age group. We encourage and reinforce all topics from previous age groups, and explain to the players the importance of incorporating those skills into play via decision making. Reasons for specific happenings on the field are topics of discussion, as well as continued development in all aforementioned soccer specific skills.

We’ve been coming to Mockingbird for years and looking back, it’s always been an enjoyable experience! The range of available practice times makes it easy to work in around an ever changing kids life/sport schedule. We love the indoor facility, which is nice and clean, and we don’t have to worry about rescheduling due to weather issues, etc. The coaches are great (have a 7-year-old currently playing) and the atmosphere is supportive for learning the sport, no matter your skill level. Plus, they engage in the community, which is always positive!!
We LOVE Mockingbird Valley!
— MVSC Parent